Timber Surface Finishes

Our standard finish is a smooth planed surface with a final sanding once all the joinery and edge detailing is complete. This is followed by a coat of polymerized linseed oil (interior use) or Cabot’s Natural 3000 (exterior use).Other Cabot colors are available upon request, and can be seen atwww.cabotstain.com. We can of course leave the timbers un-oiled for final finishing by you. Rough sawn, scallop planed or wire-brushed surface textures are available for an additional fee.
Timber Surface Finishes - Smooth Four Sides [S4S]
Timber Surface Finishes - Rough Sawn
Timber Surface Finishes - Scalloped
Timber Surface Finishes - Wire Brushed

Truss Corner Details

Timber edges can either be radiused or chamfered for no additional cost.  Sizes range from 1/8” on all edges, ¼” on all edges, or an edge cut proportional to the primary visible face of the timber (i.e. an 8x10 timber would get a 1” detail).  For added visual interest all edging is held back 4” from any timber-to-timber intersection.
Truss Corner Detail - Chamfer Detail
Truss Corner Detail - Radius Detail
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