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If you're considering heavy timber for your project, we can help. With over 25 years' experience creating some of the most exciting timber structures in North America, we have the engineering and production capabilities to solve problems, expedite construction and meet tight deadlines.

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Heavy Timber Truss Systems

We offer builders, project managers and homeowners the opportunity to have fully assembled heavy timber trusses delivered to their site, ready for installation. Simply send us your plans and we'll design a set of trusses to meet the structural loads for your project. We'll then fabricate and assemble each one delivering them anywhere in the country. Need a crew to help set them? No problem. When required, we can send a team of experts to assist in placing trusses on your walls, whatever the wall system might be and wherever it might be located.

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Heavy Timber Roof Systems

One step above trusses in terms of complexity, we also provide entire integrated roof systems. These usually comprise of a set of trusses linked by a ridge, top plates and purlins, though they may be more or less complex than this. We provide not only materials, but also a complete crew to install each component. Because of our expertise in this area, time on site is minimzed and the quality of the completed job is assured.

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